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Sausage And Pepper Bread

Cooking Directions:
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1 package Eagle Mills White or Italian bread mix
1/2 package precooked sausage crumbles -- any flavor
1 small bell pepper
1 small onion
Butter -- for sauteeing

Add Eagle Mills bread mix to bread machine. Add precooked sausage
crumbles or cooked sausage well drained.

Finely chop a small bell pepper and a small onion, and saute with a small
amount of butter. Allow all hot ingredients to cool to luke warm before
entering into bread machine. Use "regular" or "basic" setting. Do NOT
use delayed cycle.

This recipe yields a 1 1/2 pound loaf.

Comments: This is a slightly heavier bread with a great blend of flavors.
Try this one for breakfast, perhaps with fried eggs on the side or even
in a fried egg sandwich.

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